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David Douthitt

David was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has spent most of his life in Tulsa. He received a BFA from Oklahoma State University with his main area of focus in Sculpture and Ceramics. As an undergraduate, he worked with both wheel thrown and hand building techniques in ceramics. Since graduating, he has branched out into relief printmaking and has participated in several local and national exhibitions. He currently lives in Tulsa and works as a Studio Ambassador at ahha Tulsa.

Artist Statement

My work is influenced by graffiti, tattoo and comic art. Growing up my trips visiting family in Wisconsin found us passing through cities such as St. Louis and Chicago. Taking in the street art that these cities had to offer found it's way into my artistic style, with bold outlines and vibrant colors.  

Nature and wildlife are recurring themes that often appear in my work. I use these more as a symbolic note that carry a deeper underlining meaning. 

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